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20 Techniques to Improve Engagement in Your Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the most successful formats in the history of social networks. Today there are over 400 million accounts using this feature on a daily basis.

For brands, Instagram Stories is so popular that a third of the most viewed stories come from businesses. Including Stories in your marketing strategy is a “must” for many brands. So that you can get the most out of them, we leave you with 20 techniques to improve the engagement of your Stories on Instagram.

20 Techniques to Improve Engagement in Your Stories

1) Interact with users

One of the most interesting aspects of Instagram Stories is that it offers a lot of functionalities to interact with users. You can not only see the number of likes, comments and shares, but also get a lot of information about your followers through reaction bars, polls, questions… Take advantage of them to generate a conversation with your followers!

2) Repost the posts from your feed to Stories

Every time you share new content on your Instagram feed, share it on your Stories as well.

This way you will be multiplying your reach, since the users who view your posts and those who view your Stories may be different. In general, your Story is more likely to be visible to your followers.

For maximum effect, you can hide what the post is really about and present it in a way that encourages users to visit your feed to find out.

3) Tell stories

The name “Instagram Stories” is no accident. And it is that this format is ideal to put into practice your skills of storytelling.

Branded content in Stories should not focus on promoting products, but on telling stories. This will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level, build trust through personal connections, and increase purchase intent.

In the same way, it is important to be willing to share your imperfections and reveal the more human side of your brand. Only then can you generate a truly authentic connection.

4) Announce the news of your company

Instagram Stories is a great place to share news such as new products, additions to your team, or other updates. Being an ephemeral format, they are ideal for sharing “behind the scenes” images and making your followers feel like they are up to date with the latest news.

5) Include stories in Highlights and on your website

A very simple way to multiply the scope and possibilities of interaction with your Stories is to make stay visible for longer. You can get it in two different ways:

  • Adding the story to the Highlights section of your profile.

  • Sharing it on your website permanently. EmbedSocial has a functionality to help you save Instagram Stories and include them on your website.

6) Make surveys in your Stories

Using the survey functionality of Instagram Stories has a double advantage: on the one hand, you will be able to generate more engagement and on the other, you will be able to know the point of view of your audience.

You can use Instagram Stories polls to do market research, find out what customers are saying about your products, or just add a bit of fun.

7) Add links

To get the most engagement from your Stories, direct users to a specific page on your website. In this way, you can convert the engagement in your Stories into traffic and traffic into leads.

8) Use multiple images

Instagram Stories allow you to add multiple images to a story at once. This functionality is very useful if you want to tell a story sequentially.

With traditional stand-alone image uploads, if your users are active at the time, they may lose track and interest with pauses between Stories. By uploading everything at once, you ensure a consistent experience.

9) Use Stories data in your marketing strategy

Instagram Stories is a very valuable source of data to optimize your marketing strategies on social networks and other channels.

Being an ephemeral content, the Stories allow a publication rate higher than other formats. This makes them ideal as a “testing ground” to experiment with different formats and types of content and see which ones resonate the most with your audience.

10) Add subtitles

If you are going to speak in a Story, it is a good idea to add subtitles, since there are many users who play Instagram Stories without sound. Also, by having to read while looking at the Story, they may hold their interest for longer, especially if you're telling a story across multiple posts.

In the Instagram stickers you can find an option to add automatic subtitles.

11) Collect questions from your users

The question sticker not only allows you to ask a question and collect answers from your followers, but you can also turn the tables and use it to ask your audience to ask anything they want about your brand. Then you can turn the most interesting questions and answers into new Stories.

12) Use countdown stickers

Countdown stickers are a relatively recent addition to Instagram Stories and are great to promote sweepstakes and contests, sales, launches and other news.

Users can set reminders when the date arrives, and brands can access this data to know which users are most interested in their news.

13) Add music to your Stories

Music is one of the most effective ways to generate an emotional connection with users and create an instant impact.

There are many interesting ways to use this resource in your Instagram Stories:

  • Take advantage of current or viral topics to make your Story more attractive.

  • Use mythical songs from the childhood or adolescence of your followers to evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

  • Adapt the rhythm of the music to what is happening in the video, for example, start with a slow theme and change it to a more animated one at the key moment.

14) Schedule your Stories

As we have discussed before, Stories allow for a higher posting rate than other types of content. To maintain the levels of interaction, the ideal is to publish every day, but this is not always feasible at a logistical level.

Therefore, we recommend preparing content in advance and scheduling your Instagram Stories. To do this, you can use external tools such as Content Studio.

15) Post at optimal times

One of the most debated topics in the world of social networks is what is the ideal time to publish content. In general, the more users who are online at any given time, the more likely they are to see your Instagram Stories. But the particular answer depends on each brand, so our recommendation is to experiment with different days and times until finding the most effective ones. And remember that you can schedule your Stories to post at the perfect time.

16) Be careful with the text

Ideally, users should be able to read all of your Story content without having to tap and hold the screen to pause it, as this interferes with their experience and can cause them to skip to the next piece of content. Therefore, try to summarize each slide to a maximum of 15-20 words.

17) Collaborate with influencers

Instagram Stories is an ideal format to publish your collaborations with influencers. For example, you can ask the influencer to make a post on their feed and share it on their Stories, and re-share this content from your brand account to multiply visibility and reach.

Remember that in these cases choosing the right influencer is key: the most important thing is the engagement figures and the affinity with your buyer person, not the total number of followers.

18) Use locations to improve your visibility

If you tag the location of your Instagram Stories, they will be added to the official Story of that location, making it possible for people who don't follow you to see the content. A very simple trick to put into practice that will help you quickly improve the range of your brand.

19) Use hashtag stickers

Hashtag stickers work similarly to locations, by adding your Story to the Story of the hashtag in question. Therefore, you can use them to expand the reach of your content quickly and easily.

For maximum effect, research which hashtags are used the most by your target audience and use a combination of popular and niche hashtags.

20) Use Lives

If you do a live broadcast with Instagram Live, you will occupy the first place among the Stories of your followers and Instagram will also send them a notification to inform them that you are broadcasting live. In this way, you can get the maximum visibility with content that helps you connect with your audience and generate engagement.

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