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How to Improve Organic Reach on Instagram

Social network metrics allow us to know the success of a strategy, which is why they are such important data. But, among all, the scope is one of the most important, since it serves to know the number of users who have seen a publication.

There are two types of reach, paid and organic. The paid one refers to the one that is achieved thanks to payment platforms or tools and as a result of an advertising campaign, while the organic one is achieved naturally, through shares or suggestions. But how to increase organic reach in a social network as competitive as Instagram.

Tips to Improve Your Reach on Instagram

Improving the reach on Instagram is essential to gain visibility, but taking into account the competitiveness that exists in this social network, it is important to take into account the following to achieve it:

  1. Interact with your audience with Instagram Stories stickers

Instagram Stories gives a lot of play, since it allows you to interact with the audience in very different ways through the stickers.

Thanks to the stickers you can launch questions, do surveys, start a countdown, start a chain with Now you, ask for opinions or suggestions... Which makes it a way to encourage users to start an interaction with the brand and to make them feel more united and connected to it.

  1. Bet on humor and “memes”

Users also need touches of humor in their daily lives, so doing memes can be a very good idea.

The main advantages of memes is that they are easy to create and usually generate a lot of engagement, in addition to being compatible with any type of sector. And best of all, the wittier and funnier you are, the more shares you'll get.

However, depending on the tone used and the type of audience you want to attract, you must assess whether it is appropriate content or not.

  1. Create posts to be saved

Instagram allows users to save posts. This means that the content that is published on the social network must be taken care of as much as possible, since the Instagram algorithm takes into account the user's actions to show more or less of that content. So, in addition to likes, comments, and shares, getting users to save a post is telling Instagram that the information in that post is highly relevant.

  1. Post informative carousels

Instagram allows you to add up to 10 photos or videos within the same publication, which is what is known as carousel. This resource is very useful to change the vertical reading for the horizontal one, which is usually more attractive to the user; and to create tutorials or give educational content in a much more visual way.

One of the main advantages of this type of publication is that if valuable content is given, users tend to click save.

  1. Include CTAs in your copy

The Call to Action or calls to action are a way of leading the audience to perform a certain action. This means that you can get more participation or engagement in the posts just by including a CTA in the Instagram copy.

A CTA is considered a question, asking for advice or recommendations on a specific topic or, also, leading them to click on a link. What must be taken into account is that the CTA must be directly related to the published content, since it must invite the user to participate in the action instead of transmitting that the only thing that is pursued is to get comments.

  1. Show your face on Instagram Stories

The audience likes to know who is behind an Instagram profile, so whenever possible it is a good idea to show yourself on instagram stories. Stories can be used to explain anecdotes, give advice, report news or promotions. Since it will be a way for the public to trust the brand more and make them feel that behind it there is much more than a logo.

  1. Hold a raffle

In an Instagram strategy you can also use the lottery. The opportunity to get free products or services is always very tempting for the audience, so an increase in followers and interactions can be achieved in a short time.

The basic requirements to be able to enter a giveaway should be: follow the account, leave a comment tagging another user and share the publication.

  1. Conduct FAQS sessions

Through Instagram Stories, you can do FAQ sessions. This is a way for the audience to feel heard and, above all, an opportunity to help them solve their doubts. It is enough to place a sticker on which the public can write their question and answer as they are received or make a selection if the number is too high, since some are probably repeated.

  1. Make direct collaboration with other users

These are also very effective on Instagram, since through them you can increase visibility and grow interactions quickly and efficiently, which leads to organic traffic growth. This is achieved, above all, by collaborating with other influential people within the sector to which your brand belongs. In addition, it is another way to show the public who is behind the profile and behind the brand.

  1. Do collaborations on Instagram Reels

Reels is a format that has become very popular on Instagram, so you can also use them to increase organic traffic and participation within the social network.

When you make one collaboration on Instagram Reels, the publication will appear in both profiles indicating both as authors. This allows sharing opinions, likes and comments, which leads directly to a greater reach.

  1. Create Reels with viral audios

Considering its popularity, reels may be part of the regular published content within the profile. The ideal is to be up to date with trends and take advantage of viral audio to create videos that users want to share. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to record in vertical format and that the video cannot exceed 60 seconds. From here, the more originality you add to the video, the more shares you will get.

  1. Post when your audience is most active

Posts should be made during the days and times when your target audience is most active.

It is often said that users are more active on social networks from Monday to Friday from 4:00 p.m., although there is also a peak of activity at 9:00 a.m. However, depending on the profile of the audience you want to attract, there may be variations, so tests should be done until you find the best times to publish.

  1. Experiment with User Generated Content (UGC)

In order for users to feel part of the brand, User Generated Content can be used. User-created content can include photos, memes, texts, videos... Any content is good, as long as it does not harm the brand image in any way.

It is very common to invite customers to make Stories with the product by tagging the brand, which can then reshare it.

Why It Is Important to Have a Good Organic Reach in Social Networks

Organic reach refers to the number of different users reached through a publication. This means that organic reach is directly related to the quality of the content, since unlike the paid one, it comes naturally through shares. And, the more shares, the more relevant that content will be to the Instagram algorithm.

This reach then leads to gaining visibility, which would translate into more followers and, consequently, an increase in sales.

Of course, it is important to analyze what type of content has more reach, since it will be giving us clues about what is interesting to the public and about what topics are better to publish or talk about.

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